A mobile home is a residential structure, which can be compartmentalized according to the preferences of each client, which has metal chassis with wheels, permanently attached to the structure of the house. It is completely built and assembled in a factory. This construction is then transported by truck and permanently or temporarily placed on land, where it is to be connected to utilities (water, electricity, sewer and gas).

     Mobile homes are made of wood, except the chassis and roof, which are made of metal. These houses can be inhabited in all four seasons, with the ceiling, floor and walls insulated with mineral wool, and the carpentry of the windows and doors is made of PVC with double glazing. These houses can also be used as holiday homes both in higher altitude areas and in low altitude areas.

     We currently have the following models available:

  • Montana 1 (30 m2);

  • Montana 2 (40 m2);

  • Montana 3 (47 m2);

  • Montana Twins 1 (57 m2);

  • Montana Twins 2 (75 m2).